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Cyber Security made easy

Autobahn Security helps you save up to 90% of your time. Our vulnerability management platform combines issues into actionable workouts, enabling your IT-Team to remediate vulnerabilities even without prior IT security experience.

Preview of the Autobahn Security Cyber Fitness Dashboard

How we get you Cyber Fit

Autobahn's Cyber Fitness plans help companies such as yours improve their cyber security. We do this by supporting you in managing and monitoring your IT stack for security vulnerabilities. On top of that, Autobahn's signature Cyber Fitness workouts provide easy-to-follow mitigation guidance that enables IT professionals to remediate vulnerabilities themselves.

1. Make your IT infrastructure Cyber Fit

The Autobahn Cyber Fitness platform is a hacking risk assessment and issue prioritization solution for non-experts. We automate manual work for companies that know that there are risks, but lack the time and skills to respond. We do this by creating specific Cyber Fitness plans that include easy-to-follow instructions on how to improve your hacking resistance.

2. Benefit from our global cyber security expertise

Becoming more secure is easier than you think. We built Autobahn based on tailored advice from our team of world-leading white hat hackers and well over a century of combined experience consulting Fortune 500 and DAX companies. Autobahn boils this knowledge down into immediately actionable tasks.

3. Get support every step of the way

Daily and monthly Cyber Fitness workouts will get your vulnerability management to the next level by focusing on outcomes. We support IT-Security teams with better prioritization as well as general IT Teams with remediation steps that everyone can follow. Autobahn seamlessly integrates with tools like Qualys, Nessus Pro, AWS, and Jira, enhancing your established processes.

Do not let cyber security risks surprise you

Become "best-in-class" with Cyber Fitness which includes:

1. Discover your assets

Find all your assets on the internet or in the internal network.

2. Detect vulnerabilities

Use Autobahn by itself or in combination with third-party scanners to identify and prioritize your risks.

3. Understand your Hackability

Know where you stand by benchmarking your Hackability Score to industry peers.

4. Increase your
Cyber Fitness

Use our Cyber Fitness workouts to structurally improve your IT security and get Cyber Fit.


Patching is not

In a 2019 study by ServiceNow it was reported that 60% of breaches exploited vulnerabilities for which a patch was available but not applied. 72% of respondents said it is difficult to prioritize what needs to be patched.

Cyber Fitness workouts provide easy-to-follow mitigation instructions for issues related to patching, hardening, and exposure.

IT-Professional in a data center

Security team staffing challenges

ISC2 found that more than half (57%) of organizations surveyed face increased risks due to staffing challenges with remote teams.

Autobahn’s Cyber Fitness workouts make remediation possible for every member of your IT team, including your system administrators.

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Slow response time

According to the Ponemon Institute, it can take up to 280 days for a cybersecurity breach to be discovered and contained.

Autobahn’s automated asset discovery feature can detect both network and cloud-based assets from the internet.

IT-Manager on a Laptop

Lost value from cyber security incidents

A data breach can cause a company to lose value in terms of stock and reputation. A study by Comparitech found that the average company would experience a value drop of around 7% after a cyber security incident.

Autobahn makes vulnerability prioritization and remediation a breeze with its Cyber Fitness plans. They are accessible for every business to help you prevent potential losses.

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Sensitive files are not protected

According to a Varonis study around 17% of all sensitive files are accessible to all employees, and 15% of companies leave more than a million files available for any staff member. Even worse, 60% of companies have over 500 accounts with non-expiring passwords.

Autobahn searches dark net data dumps to ensure your team is kept up to date on any credential leaks.

Laptop with charts

Cyber security investment is not a priority

Despite the rising number of cybersecurity attacks, around 18% of SMBs said in a Keeper Security study in 2019 said they consider cybersecurity investment and protection to be their lowest priority.

Automated remediation instructions mean your team can get to work immediately in preventing attacks, and making sure cyber security becomes a priority.

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Too many tools

Having provided IT security consulting services for over a decade, we know that security and IT teams lack a common view of applications and assets.

Autobahn’s integrations provide you and your team with a central platform for comprehensive vulnerability management.

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The leading cyber security provider trusted by

Dr. Ralf Schneider - Group CIO Allianz

"Allianz operates infrastructure and applications for dozens of countries in our six strategic data centers. We continuously track hacking risks for several hundred thousand IT assets. Autobahn aggregates vulnerabilities from our discovery tools, such as Qualys, which helps Allianz remediate vulnerabilities faster and more efficiently. With easy-to-follow Cyber Fitness workouts, Autobahn makes remediation possible for everyone and ensures that we keep improving our cyber defense capabilities and skills in a sustainable way."

Dr. Ralf Schneider
Group CIO

Ariel Pisetzky - VP Information Technology & Cyber at Taboola

"We found Autobahn to be best-in-class among vulnerability assessment platforms. The Autobahn platform allowed us to scan our large internet footprint and provides clear, concise reporting with easy-to-follow remediation instructions. We see Autobahn as a partner in maintaining outstanding hacking resilience at Taboola."

Ariel Pisetzky
VP Information Technology & Cyber

Balamurugan Mohandossgandhi - Lead DevOps Engineer at PropertyGuru

"Working with Autobahn as a dynamic start-up has been great! Their product team always listens to our unique needs when implementing changes. Most recently, they introduced an integration with Jira, allowing us to streamline our remediation processes."

Balamurugan Mohandossgandhi
Lead DevOps Engineer

Frequently asked questions

What does Cyber Fitness mean?

Cyber Fitness is a new method of vulnerability management that focuses on remediation instead of issues.

Each Cyber Fitness exercise consists of multiple issues that can be mitigated with the same set of instructions. We make these instructions easy-to-follow to enable your IT team to support your remediation processes.

Like going to the gym, Cyber Fitness is something you do every day.

How is the Hackability Score computed?

We compute your Hackability Score using a proprietary algorithm that accounts for the severity and frequency of a vulnerability and then standardize your score based on similar sized industry peers.

I already have a vulnerability scanner. Why should I use Autobahn?

Autobahn allows you to aggregate all data from existing scanning solutions into one centralized dashboard. Once there, Autobahn can prioritize this data using our Hackability Score to benchmark you against similar-sized industry peers.

Finally, each issue that is raised will be translated into a Cyber Fitness exercise allowing all members of your IT team to remediate the issue with step-by-step instructions.

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