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Thanks for your prompt reply.

If I understand right, earlier the workflow used to be:
    USRP -> GNURadio ->Airprobe (Parse) -> Kraken -> Airprobe (decode)

Now the workflow is:
    MotorolaC1xx -> OsmocomBB -> Airprobe (Parse) -> Kraken -> Airprobe (decode)

Can you please confirm or correct.

I've read the Osmocom/Sysmocom documentation, but could not figure out what is the best phone option on Sysmocom shop for my use:
    Do I need the Motorola C1xx with filter rework?
    Do I need C1xx with Calypso chipset?

It will be very helpful if you can suggest.


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> Hi there,
> There has been little development of GSM tools for USRP the past two years. The USRP 1 and 2 (and possibly others supported by GnuRadio) can intercept a few adjacent GSM channels and - using the Airprobe tools - decode some of this data.
> The same capabilities can be had with a handful of Osmocom-capable handsets at a fraction of the price (ie, at the sysmocom web shop). All recent development of tools has concentrated on the Osmocom platform. 
> One exception may be BTS emulators with OpenBTS - the most popular - still running on USRP (or custom hardware by RangeNetworks). Sylvain Munaut already showed the possibility of using an Osmocom phone as a base station, though, so this may become available at some point. 
> Cheers,
>    -Karsten 
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