[A51] guesing frames

g.roelant at telenet.be g.roelant at telenet.be
Thu Dec 27 10:31:32 CET 2012

can you elaborate a bit more about the topic of guessing the right frame?

i'm trying to find all  possible combinations of SI6 frames (Power level = 5, power level = 8, TA=0, TA= 1)
at offsets of 102,204,306 frames.
the question is: from where is this offset taken? from the last SI5 (or si5ter) frame ? of from the start encryption command?

am i on the right track? or am i just doing stupid things?

i want to demonstrate to audience what you guys did at 27c3... but i am far from it... :(

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On Dec 26, 2012, at 17:04 , g.roelant at telenet.be wrote:
> what is the most easy and succesful: guess a downlink frame or an uplink frame?

Kraken requires 64 continuos bits of error-free key stream. Uplink frames are typically received at a lower quality than downlink frames, consequently having a lower chances of yielding 'crackable' segments.



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