[A51] Rainbow tables

Thierry Laval thierry.laval at yahoo.fr
Thu Aug 15 03:02:39 CEST 2013

Well not you then but the others! Seeders come on, I'm at 100kB/s again, please seed.

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À : Thierry Laval <thierry.laval at yahoo.fr> 
Envoyé le : Lundi 12 août 2013 0h05
Objet : Re: Rainbow tables

I have an 3kB/s Upload. I cant upload them! If i start uploadging 2TB with this connection, the chance that i die in this time is higher then to get done with uploading. And it would freeze my internet connection forever while uploading!

2013/8/11 Thierry Laval <thierry.laval at yahoo.fr>

What about simply seeding? No I download at ~100kB/s with a 20mbit come on seeders you can do better :P
> De : gentoo.lubomir <gentoo.lubomir at gmail.com>
>À : thierry.laval at yahoo.fr 
>Envoyé le : Jeudi 8 août 2013 17h40
>Objet : Rainbow tables
>You can buy them for 120€ on an 2TB drive from me if you like.
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