[A51] Security of 3G and LTE

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Seems there are few new updates of upcoming technology on the list.


Nowadays, following 3G (kasumi encryption), in this time i will like you to present the latest LTE security algorythm which is called SNOW.


SNOW 3G is a word-oriented stream cipher that generates a sequence of 32-bit words under the control of a 128-bit key and a 128-bit initialisation variable. These words can be used to mask the plaintext. First a key initialisation is performed, i.e. the cipher is clocked without producing output, see 4.1. Then with every clock tick it produces a 32-bit word of output.


I will recommend security researchers to read this excellent explanation of the security of the future.

As next year ALL new smartphones will be running LTE or LTE-Advance worldwide.


PAPER URL: http://www.academia.edu/3224328/Security_of_3G_and_LTE


Always remember that the encryption is done from PHONE TO ANTENNA (and viceversa) only. Inside the carriers ALL voice, sms, and internet is fully UNENCRYPTED  :) and ALL your privacy could be vulnerable.




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