[A51] Hardware Devices for monitoring mobiles

Martin O'Shield martin at windycitysdr.com
Sun Aug 25 23:24:13 CEST 2013


The ASRP1 can do the same as well where I am undecided on the final pricing
as I am interested in manufacturing these locally here in Chicago:


But for the moment, you wont be able to purchase from the above website:


Hence why I am interested in manufacturing these locally here in Chicago,
Illinois USA as I've been demonstrating this device since October 2012.

What I personally will " Vouch " for and FAVOR is the following:

ASRP1 - Been playing with it since October 2012
UmTRX - Though I have yet to fully play with mine
PerVices Nectar - Though I have yet to fully play with mine
HackRF - Though I have yet to fully play with mine
RTLSDR Stick - Been playing with it since 2012

But what you have previously listed, as well as I above, doesn't mean the
these devices either aren't worthwhile:


*The troublesome part of utilizing the Lime Micro Systems Transceiver
chips, is the cost of just one of those chips is STILL 20% higher than
purchasing 2 Analog Devices Transceiver Chips which offers MORE Frequenies
than Lime Micro Systems.

I'm also concerned about Lime Microsystems only manufacturing 1 product,
and fear it *MAY* go the way of Elonics, who made the RTLSDR stick, which
is now bankrupt!

Ever since Matt Ettus faked the " Open Source Community " by getting them
to write applications around his hardware that he was " Going to make
available freely, but NEVER released the layout files of the boards ", I've
not wanted to spend additional $ on:

*" I don't understand why people are complaining that the Ettus Research
board designs aren't free. They are free. Matt publicly announced
that he intended to release them under the GPL. Right up to this
day, the schematics (in PDF) are trivially downloadable from
http://www.ettus.com by clicking "Download" on the homepage. Even the
schematics for their brand-new products like the N210."*

Releasing something that is PARTIALLY open source, and then sticking a GPL
license on it, to me, VIOLATES the GPL since you CAN"T duplicate that
"which was released" since the board layout design files NEVER were.

This indicates, to me, he never intended on ANYONE duplicating the boards
he said he'd make available in return for them creating applications around
his boards.

So I stay away from Ettus Research Products though I can utilize the same
software that works with their hardware with SDR devices I intend on
dealing with.



*Javier wrote:

In this post i would like to share the newest hardware for radio

For gsm, osmocombb or similar you could use:
* *

Take your time to read this good article from taylor killian:
* *

Prices range are from 20 usd (http://www.rtl-sdr.com)  to a profesisonal
one 1500 usd (Umtrx).

Most of you now ettus equipment but we have other devices for a51 such as

If someone has any other link or resource to add to this list, please post
it, so we could check other hardwares.

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