[A51] 6990M mobile GPU

Malak Leman malakfun at hotmail.fr
Sun Apr 6 21:35:17 CEST 2014

Hi, I have an opportunity to purchase a laptop equipped with a 6990M GPU.

Since mobile Radeon counterparts don't support double precision compute i have some questions (personal experiences with this card are welcome)  :
- is it compatible with Kraken ?

- in term of performance, is the missing "double precision" a problem ?

- is it still widely competitive with a CPU (core i7) ?

It seems to use the same "Barts" core than 6790, 6850 and 6870 desktop  GPUs, and the only report here about strange results with  a 6850 was kind of troublesome : https://lists.srlabs.de/pipermail/a51/2011-May/001122.html

Since a laptop can't get a dedicated SATA card and an array of disks, what kind of performance per burst can be expected with this GPU and 2 x 1Tb SSD ?


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