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Thu Feb 27 09:33:57 CET 2014

Hi Joel,

would you consider dealing with Kali's project in order to incorporate
the attack tool into Penetration Testing Linux's distribution?

Also, it would make a lot of sense if all those tools stay on a single
Github account, in order improve them in a collaborative way, but
specifically to "collect" all of the issues and ideas of improvement.

Are you willing to setup a github account focusing on the improvement of
GSM cracking capabilities?


Il 2/26/14, 3:23 PM, Joel Eriksson ha scritto:
> Hello Nikos,
> First of all, you now need to use the AMD APP SDK, rather than the old
> ATI stream SDK. The AMD APP SDK includes libaticalcl.so and
> libaticalrt.so. You can link Kraken to libaticalcl.
> Btw, I recommend using this Kraken fork instead of the original:
> http://www.g3gg0.de/wordpress/projects/kraken-win32/
> Note that while it's called kraken-win32, it still runs perfectly well
> on Linux as well.
> I also recommend using this code instead of the a5_ati code:
> http://traxme.net/a5/a5_ilx/
> Here are the instructions on how to integrate it with Kraken:
> http://blog.gmane.org/gmane.science.cryptography.a51/month=20110401
> When I was working with this I was able to crack one burst in about 2
> seconds, with 3x6990. When sending 20 bursts at once they completed in
> about 17-18 seconds though, so less than one second on average. I
> added some custom tweaks and patches to the original Kraken source to
> achieve that though, but using a5_ilx instead of a5_ati is one of the
> main improvements you can make without patching any code yourself. Of
> course, you will also need to use SSD:s to store the tables.
> Regards,
> Joel Eriksson
> CEO ClevCode / CTO Cycura
> On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 1:42 PM, Nikos Balkanas
> <nikos.balkanas at eyeonix.com <mailto:nikos.balkanas at eyeonix.com>> wrote:
>     Where can I find the atical libraries needed by Kraken's A5Ati.so?
>     TIA,
>     Nikos
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