[A51] Query - Writing Rainbow Tables Using Kraken

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 You are welcome.

Set of indexes will be created in kraken/indexes folder after Behemoth.py runs. The indexes are addressing binary chains stored on the destination HDDs as raw data. The indexes are used by kraken for lookups.

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Понедельник, 30 июня 2014 г., 8:27 +0400 от Amber and Sarosh  <amber_sarosh at hotmail.com>:
Thanks a lot for your reply.
Please guide us if the destination HDD will  be formatted differently and won't be recognized by OS after Behemoth.py runs, how will this drive be used for table lookup afterwards?

Amber & Sarosh

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It won't work that way. You have to use separate HDDs for the destination tables, 2 or preferably 4 of them. AFAIU destination HDDs will be formatted differently so they won't be recognized by OS anymore after Behemoth.py runs. 



Fri, 27 Jun 2014 15:50:16 +0500 от Amber and Sarosh <amber_sarosh at hotmail.com>:
>We are using kraken for writing the rainbow tables to
the disk for lookup for finding Kc. We are writing the tables on a 4TB disk ,
but errors are being encountered. The source of the tables is a folder in the 4TB disk. The destination drive is same as the source HDD. The kraken code (behemoth.py) for writing the tables when runs successfully, it shows the output of writing the tables on the terminal
but somehow just after the write operation is finished,  we are facing the
issue of loss of data and OS on the destination HDD (the drive mentioned in /indexes/tables.conf). That HDD looses all of its data afterwards and can be reused only after formatting. Kindly help us to resolve this issue.
>Naheed, Amber & Sarosh 		 	   		
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