[A51] Cannot get Behemoth.py to generate index (.idx)

Ajay Fuloria ajay.fuloria at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 05:35:59 CET 2014

Hey there,

I have compiled kraken and its tools are working. My setup is as follows:

a. /dev/sdb - 2 TB HDD,  mounted on /mnt/dltkraken  (source HDD contains
.dlt files)
b. /dev/sdc - 2 TB HDD, mounted on /mnt/dst (Destination disk )
c. /mnt/dltkraken has tables.conf it looks like
#Devices:  dev/node max_tables

Device: /mnt/dst 40
#Device: /dev/sdb1 10
#Device: /dev/sdd1 10
#Device: /dev/sde1 10

#Tables: dev id(advance) offset

d. I have renamed the dlt files to XXX.dlt from a51_table_XXX.dlt
e. I am running Behemoth.py from /mnt/dltkraken

root at kali:/mnt/dltkraken# ./kraken/indexes/Behemoth.py /mnt/dltkraken/

f. I get following error, which i am not able to resolve. Please help me
with *what wrong am i doing ?*

Your help is solicited and will be ever grateful



Ajay Fuloria
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