[A51] Kraken: need compile/setup guide including version information

Haslinger Daniel Daniel.Haslinger at fhstp.ac.at
Wed Jan 14 13:12:38 CET 2015

Hej guys,

I'm desperately trying to compile and run Kraken -
one year ago I successfully managed to do it, together
with a5_ilx support, but after the workstation crashed, I'm now
unable to repeat the procedure (and I did not document it - 'doh!).

Since I'm failing on several things (compiling fails because of
missing Globals.h, cal.h etc.) I now decided to ask you:

Googling around I found several resources that all seem to work out
of the box while I am struggling at some of the steps, running into compiler

Would one of you be so kind to post / send a set up that works
in terms of versions and stuff?

I would need:

What Ubuntu version did you use?
What AMDAPP SDK version did you install?
What other stuff did you install prior to compilation?
What were your exakt steps to patch a5_ilx into kraken (the mentioned
steps did not work for me..).

Rainbow tables are in place and already written to disks :-)

I am pretty sure I suffer from version mismatched, using either too
recent or too outdated software, so I hope to get this done by having
a list of steps + proper versions to install and run Kraken one more time :)

all the best,
and thanks in advance :-)

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