[A51] Problem while running Behemoth.py

robert.luben at openmailbox.org robert.luben at openmailbox.org
Sat Nov 14 09:04:35 CET 2015

Yes, you were correct, problem was in tables.conf, where instead of ID  
of disks  say /dev/sdc, I've used disk partitions ID  like: /dev/sdc1 .  
Behemoth.py runs now, but again not correctly. It makes *.idx files on 
directory and disk from which I call Behemoth.py script, like:

/kraken/indexes$ sudo ./Behemoth.py  
Adding table:  
/media/dds/71e9d301-9793-48d3-b207-baeda40bef78/a51_table_196.dlt 196
Running "./../TableConvert/TableConvert di 
/dev/sda:0 196.idx"
seek offset: 0i blocks (/dev/sda)


root at LENOVO-UBUNTU:/home/dds/kraken/indexes# ls
196.idx  Behemoth.py  tables.conf

Linux partition according to gparted is:


it's never mentioned in tables.conf which clearly states:

cat tables.conf

#Devices:  dev/node max_tables

Device: /dev/sda 20
Device: /dev/sdc 21

#Tables: dev id(advance) offset

Any solution?

On 2015-11-13 20:12, Jan Hrach wrote:
You probably have tables.conf in wrong format.

The resulting command should be something like
TableConvert di TABLE.dlt DEVICE:OFFSET INDEX.idx
you can try to run it by hand as the last resort.

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