[A51] TableConvert Offsets

Jan Hrach jenda at yakumo.hrach.eu
Sat Apr 9 17:31:25 CEST 2016

The offset is meant to be used when you are converting multiple tables to raw device without filesystem.
You definitely want all tables to start at offset 0 when you have them in files.

Offset :1 would mean 4096 from the beginning, which makes no sense. If you were to put it to the device, you will have to see how many blocks were written and then set the offset to that (maybe +1). These offsets are expected to be around 10000000.

On 9.4.2016 12:50, prosilec at openmailbox.org wrote:
> Dear all,
> While manually converting dlt files to idx and inx using:
> ./TableConvert di /media/tables/a51_table_100.dlt /media/GSM/100.ins:0 /media/GSM/100.idx
> Do I keep the offset the same for all remaining files as well?
> Example:
> ./TableConvert di /media/tables/a51_table_268.dlt /media/GSM/268.ins:0 /media/GSM/268.idx
> OR
> Does the offset (ins:0) change or increment in a pattern to ins:1 ins:2 .. etc. ?
> Regards,
> Spørgeren
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