[A51] test Kraken

Jan Hrach jenda at yakumo.hrach.eu
Sun Feb 21 21:29:12 CET 2016

(ssh'ed there, installed htop and iotop)

This is because you try to crack only one burst at once. The kernel is designed in a way that it loads num_kernels * vector_size fragments at once, i.e., 4096*32 = 131072 fragments (one burst is 16320 fragments) and then time for one round is almost constant. So you need to crack as many bursts in parallel as to keep it fully saturated. If you are cracking only one burst, the CPU *is* faster. But if you submit for example 20 bursts at once (I would recommend even more, say up to 100), you will make the advantage of 2048 cores of your GPU.

PS: your /dev/sdg died, so currently it does not crack at all :-(

On 21.2.2016 19:05, Milinko Isakovic wrote:
> Hi to all, 
> I tired deka, but seems to be a lot of problems. First of all, I had problem to install drivers (Debian Jessie) amd64,  at the end, finaly I did it somehow. 
> Configuration is: 
> 32 Gb ram 
> 2x 7970
> 8x SAS disk 
> i7 cpu
> Main problem for me is that it seems to me that GPU cracking is not working or I do not know how to make an setup. 
> Screenshots I am sending to you describing:
> 1-5.png  - GUP cracking  ---> 100+ sec
> cpu1-5.ping CPU cracking ---> 18-19 sec
> Does anybody know where I am making mistake ?
> Also I can give ssh to somebody if somebody would like to do tests / checkl where problem is>
> Regadrs
> Milinko

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