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   As mentioned in documents of GSMmap.org, known plaintexts preferred to use in A51 cracker are ciper mode complete message, NULL frames, and System Information message.    However, these frames all has some uncertainties (positions, or possible modified bytes), which times the complexity of A51 cracker.    Is there any method to judge if the chosen plaintext (containts and positon) is right before cracking it with Kraken? In other words, can we verify if the xored 114-bits is a possible(legal) output of A51 ciperstream?     

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> Date: Tue, 2 Feb 2016 06:30:40 +0000
> Subject: [A51] GSMmap.org updated
> Dear Friends of Mobile Network Security,
> We are happy to announce an update of GSMmap: https://gsmmap.org/
> 1. New countries added
> - North Korea
> - Macedonia
> - Paraguay
> - Togo
> - Yemen
> 2. Many countries improved
> - Newly uploaded data integrated
> - More aggregation in countries with many MNC’s per network such as India and the USA
> - Disentangled networks that share a RAN (that is: use the same base stations) such as in Sweden and Norway
> Generally, the trend in almost all countries is positive. Slowly, we are seeing reasonable security being implemented. 
> Thanks so much to everybody who contributed data! [1]
> Your   -SRLabs mobile security team
> [1] You can contribute, too, from your Android phone: https://opensource.srlabs.de/projects/snoopsnitch
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