[A51] Bit position , table structure and gpu in A51 tables

fritchkornia at keemail.me fritchkornia at keemail.me
Fri Mar 18 10:33:45 CET 2016


I have a few questions regarding the A5/1 tables. I tought after a quick 
reading that the plaintext equivalent  of the tables was the LFSRs state 
after 122 clocking and the output the 64 first bit of keystream (after 64 
further clocking) with a simple reduction function  output = new plaintext

However while testing there is a Bit position that poped up . Does it mean 
that the compute function differ for each steps or is it just different in 
each tables ?

IS there a simple guide to understand the table structure somehow .

Finally what is the purpose of the GPU when finding new KC ? Is it just for 
the compute/reduction step ?

Best Regards

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