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This was the message I received from Hacker Warehouse.
Not sure what is needed now: ... [SNIP]

So it basically said: You wanna use kraken (or deka)? - you gotta
write the tables to the raw disk(s).

Just follow these steps:

a) Get your empty drive hooked up. Let's assume it's at /dev/sdc
in this example - but be sure to look up what you have before
you continue. Copy pasting with non-matching device path will
mess around with your systems and hurt your feelings.
You've been warned!

b) Grab a copy of kraken (e.g. from git://git.srlabs.de/kraken)

c) Go to kraken/indexes

d) copy tables.conf.example to tables.conf

e) edit tables.conf to your needs - with only one disk, it will result
in the following line:

Device: /dev/sdc 40

f) Go to kraken/TableConvert and make it.

g) The easiest way (in my opinion) is now to use the script
"Behemoth.py" in kraken/indexes to start the process.

You will first have to uncomment line number 107, otherwise
it won't work :)

then you start it, passing the tables.conf

This will take a long time now, be prepared to get some cups .. no ..
CANS of coffee. But you will be informed of any progress.

As soon as everything is completed, you'll end up with 40 "idx" files
in your indexes folder, as well as with additional entries in your tables.conf.

If you plan to use deka:

you will edit delta_config.h by hand, which is a nightmare :-)
If you plan to use deka, I can send you a little shell script that will generate
the delta_config.h from scratch, using the information from your tables.conf.

hope that helps,


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