[Catchercatcher] Explanation of some parameters

Matej Kovacic matej.kovacic at owca.info
Wed Jan 2 20:41:42 CET 2013


what is the current development of the catcher catcher software?

I am not a programmer, however I am willing to do some tests and maybe
to write some documentation. For the later, I would need some help...

First of all, what is the exact explanation of the following parameters:

show catcher

Catcher status for MS '1'
  link establishment
    rach sent: 2

That means how many requests for the beginning of the communication has
been sent from the mobile phone to the network through Random Access
Channel (uplink channel)?

    paging:    0

How many paging requests has been sent to the mobile phone from the
network through Paging Channel (PCH)?

    imm_ass:   1
How many immediate assignment messages has been sent to the mobile phone
from the network?

    assign:    0
    handover:  0
    release:   1
    tune:      1
    failure:   0
    current:   0
Can you add some brief explanation of this?

    high pwr:  0.67
This is antenna power on the scale [0..1]

  cipher mode
    request:   1
    response:  1
    no cipher: 0
    no IMEISV: 1
Can you add some brief explanation of this? IMEISV is probably
International Mobile station Equipment Identity and Software Version
Number, but what does number 1 means?

    first alg: A5/1
    last alg:  A5/1
This is the initial ciphering algorithm (first used on the network) and
the last one? Under what circumstances these two differ?

  cell monitoring
    camped:    0
Can you add some brief explanation of this?

    MCC:       293 (293, 0)
    MNC:       41 (41, 0)
    LAC:       11 (11, 0)
    CID:       482 (172, 1)
OK, I understand these are Mobile Country Code, Mobile Network Code,
Local Area Code and Cell ID... The first number is current code, what
about numbers in brackets?

  data exchange
    IMSI req:  0
    IMEI req:  0
    SilentSMS: 0

How many times mobile network requested IMSI and IMEI from mobile phone,
how many silent SMS'es has been sent to the phone?

BTW, show neighbour-cells command shown me that there is a cell
with state "no sync" - what does it mean?

BTW, what is the explanation of show neighbour-cells parameters:
- C1
- C2

What are possible statuses of the following parameters:
- prio (normal, what else?)
- state (SYSINFO, no sync, RLA_C - what is the explanation of these?)



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