[Gsmmap] Suggestion to use Tor while sending the data.

Felipe Zimmerle felipe at zimmerle.org
Thu Dec 29 07:34:12 CET 2011


Once the site shows the Curl command line ready for use,
might be a good idea to suggest the utilization of Tor.

1. Make sure that the "Configure ControlPort automatically" option (in 
Vidalia > Settings > Advanced) is not checked.

2. Use: curl -v --socks5 localhost:9050 http://check.torproject.org/
to check if everything is working like expected.

3. Upload the captured data:
curl --socks5 localhost: 9050 -H Expect: -F "bursts=@-;filename=12345.dat" -F submit=batch -F ident=aaaaaa http://gsmmap.org/cgi-bin/dat_upload.cgi < input.whatever 


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