[Gsmmap] OsmocomBB compilation in MacOS

Felipe Zimmerle felipe at zimmerle.org
Sat Dec 31 15:44:31 CET 2011


Maybe it is in the interest of others that are running MacOS, and wants to contribute with some data.

Despite the fact that OsmocomBB does not officially support MacOS it can be compiled out of the box. To do so, make sure that you have MacOS Ports (http://www.macports.org) installed on your mac, then follow the steps:

Follow the steps in: http://srlabs.de/gsm-map-tutorial/ making the following modifications:

Replace the section "Download ARM cross compiler" by the command:

sudo port install arm-elf-gcc

Go to get some coffee or beer because this will take some time :)

After finish, follow the rest of the steps until the "Compile OsmocomBB", in this section you don't need to export the path anymore. Simple, do not enter the export line, and you will be ok to continue.

Note: do not try the MacOS version of arm compiler provided at gnuarm.com, not working on the newest version of MacOS.


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