[Gsmmap] R: Re: GPRS Support and GEA Algorithm's detection

Luca Bongiorni luca.bongiorni1 at studenti.unimi.it
Wed Dec 28 20:12:19 CET 2011

Hi Karsten,

unfortunately you are perfectly right about the un-ability to improve osmocomBB with EDGE/8psk, unless we will find another MS with a baseband chip that implement it (eg Syren) and that their specs/sources are "available". [O.T. : about EDGE i was planning to improve airprobe for it, but that will not cover a wide audience, as a simple 5€ C123 could do].

However could be interesting to know which GEA is used around the UE (eg. IT and CZ with GEA/0).

After some tests in the last months, i noticed that 2/3 operators upgraded their GEA/0 to an encrypted one and even if i'm not using my own GPRS-only phone/dongle, there is enough GPRS traffic to be analyzed, thus at least, to point if encryption is used or not.


> Adding a GRPS security metric to the GSM map is certainly on the ToDo list for next year. What's currently holding us back from adding GPRS components to cell_log is the inability to sniff EDGE traffic. Since passive detection with no SIM card is the preferred way of collecting network parameters, we need EDGE sniffing support to catch a significant number of samples.
> Cheers,
>      -Karsten

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