[Gsmmap] gsmmap with gta02

Vasil Kolev vasil at ludost.net
Thu Feb 2 18:17:15 CET 2012


After a long afternoon of compiling and recompiling and fun, fun stuff
with libtool, cross-compilers and other crap, I made the branch that's
described in the docs work and start to listen (I'm running cell_log on
the PC and the osmocon on the phone, and they talk over USB ethernet).

Now when I run it, it works for a while, then osmocon gets to something
like this and then stops:
FB1 (0:0): TOA=    0, Power=-138dBm, Angle=    0Hz
  fn_offset=466 (fn=467 + attempt=10 + ntdma = 9)
  delay=9 (fn_offset=466 + 11 - fn=467 - 1
  scheduling next FB/SB detection task with delay 9
=>FB @ FNR 0 fn_offset=466 qbits=4908
LOST 3744!

cell_log says something like this:
<000e> cell_log.c:427 Measure from 0 to 124
<000e> cell_log.c:427 Measure from 128 to 251
<000e> cell_log.c:427 Measure from 512 to 885
<000e> cell_log.c:427 Measure from 955 to 1023
<000e> cell_log.c:418 Measurement done

ARFCN 60: tuning
<000e> cell_log.c:427 Measure from 0 to 124

Now, this is a firmware with no TX support, am I supposed to transmit,
or it should work like this? And is there any reason for it to hang?
Vasil Kolev
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