[Gsmmap] News for the contributors

Luca Melette luca at srlabs.de
Mon Jan 2 01:31:20 CET 2012

Hi all,

recently we received a lot of good feedback, thanks!

As you may notice from the tutorial page, the patch file
against osmocom-bb git is now "version 2".
Please update.

Some tuning errors fixed, the log file is now created at
the running path and contains useful debug information.
Other minor changes involve timers, and GPRS logging.

Since it was not previously illustrated, I want to mention
that our tool is also able to log GPRS traffic (with -G),
but *ONLY* if you have a fast cable and properly change
one row in the firmware code related to your phone model.
There will be updates on this, if you need help just ask.

Other suggestion, please let cell_log run for some hours,
an possibly during working time (easier to get traffic).
A thousand captures for each cell should be fine.

The position of the mobile has a lot of influence on the
signal quality, so keeping it near a window or better open
areas is always a good improvement.

If you want to have captures of a specific operator/cell,
you can run ccch_scan (same path as cell_log) with the
-a option set to the wanted ARFCN (frequency).
This is not for totally newbies.

When you upload data for a "new" country (not on the map),
you may not see results immediately because we need to
acquire some extra information on the operator (HLR).
Unfortunately this process is hard to be automated.

Thanks again for your help!



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