[Gsmmap] Sweden is up Was: Re: Upload might not work

Stefan Petersen spe at ciellt.se
Sun Jan 8 23:55:14 CET 2012

On 01/06/2012 01:01 AM, Luca Melette wrote:
> Sweden is up.

Thanks Luca! Clueless operators as I thought their money is currently
being invested in 3G and 4G I assume.

>> What is best; more of same cell or more cells?
> The "best" is to have one cell in each band (900,1800,E)
> for each operator. And of course, those with better
> reception are the most important.

Could you explicitly give band on command line? I have seen -b 1800
passing by. Is it -b 900 and -b E else?

> So, you can specify a longer waiting time (-w)
> if you think the "first" scanned ones are producing
> more results (files).
> ccch_scan is then useful to focus on a particular cell. 

And ccch_scan generates proper cell logfiles too?

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