[Gsmmap] GSM Network wish list

Luca Bongiorni luca.bongiorni1 at studenti.unimi.it
Wed Jan 18 09:38:13 CET 2012

Hi David,

as i suppose, they are giving a "global vision" about security level of the different countries, to avoid people to make "experiments & tests" about those specific flaws found in a particular area/region/country. 

E.g.: imagine if they will release specified infos about all GSM flaws around the  various networks (eg. no encryption at all, massive use of IMSIs instead of TMSIs, etc...)... there is the possibility that malicious people could take advantage from it (eg. impersonation, eavesdropping, sniffin mTAN, et cetera).

That is called responsible disclosure, and i suppose that when operators will patch those flaws, Karsten & Luca would be more precise about which metrics they used to make the pie charts.

Obviously is just my 0.2 €


P.S.: I'm curious too about which metrics they used, but if you know a bit about GSM security, you could imagine which could be ;)

> Is there any way to interpret / analyze the file data in local before sent it ?
> In my opinion the ambiguous pie charts of gsmmap without any detail explain is not the spirit of an open colaborate Project.

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