[Gsmmap] gsmmap.org update logic?

Vadzim Loseu vadzim at informsec.net
Thu Oct 18 08:43:08 CEST 2012

>> 1. What exactly is the meaning of the question mark without a
>> circle diagram next to the name of an operator on the map? Does
>> that stand for "not enough data" or is that something different?
>> Anyway, does that mean I should collect more data and re-send it to
>> have it updated on the map?
> Exactly -- the question marks indicate too few samples to make a
> decision in that category for that operator. Please keep collecting
> data in this case.

Thank you, Karsten. How long should an average collect run (per
operator) to gather enough samples?

BTW, will you speak at the CCC this year?


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