[Gsmmap] Issue using the Live ISO with board E88A

C.T. semaphore45 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 18 22:05:28 CEST 2013

Hello there, 

this is my first try with GSMmap Live ISO. The phone is a Motorola C115, Brazil version, that works on 850/1900MHz, and antenna sports E88A, which I assume is the board number. Something may have been mislabeled in the process.

Anyway, I wanted to try the Live ISO GSMmap. The firmwares goes one loading successfully, then I get:

Scanner initialized
Measure from 0 to 124
Measure from 512 to 885
Measure from 975 to 1023
Measurement done
Scanner exit

It is important to note that, unlike this other page (http://www.serverfault.sk/2012/10/gsmmap-org-live-iso/), I am not presented with any list of cell between the last two lines.

Then it asks me for the ARFCN. How am I supposed to know that? If I enter an arbitrary value for the  GSM 1900MHz my provider uses in the city (taken from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absolute_radio-frequency_channel_number#ARFCN_Table_for_common_GSM_systems), say, 512, it then asks me for the TMSI. How am I supposed to know what the current TMSI is, since it isn't displayed on the phone, or in the terminal? And if a special menu on the phone were able to display is, how am I supposed to access it while it's running osmocom Layer1 ?

Some steps are missing between 3 and 4 of the tutorial. 

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