[Gsmmap] GSMmap LiveISO

Karsten Nohl nohl at virginia.edu
Sun Jan 20 15:12:24 CET 2013

Dear Mathias,

On Jan 20, 2013, at 13:09 , Mathias wrote:

> Hello,
> did I understand it correctly that capturing of data for GSMmap with the LiveISO is only possible after entering the TMSI?

The TMSI is not technically required but acts as a legal shield from recording other people's traffic. If you know your legislations rules on recording public, encrypted traffic and feel comfortable skipping the TMSI check, then it can easily be commented out from the bash script. Definitely check with a lawyer before doing so.

> How do I find my own TMSI?
> Please kindly provide a step by step description on how to find my own TMSI

Finding the TMSI is not possible on every phone model. Blackberries show it in the 'Engineering screen'; Android has apps that show radio information.



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