[Gsmmap] GSMmap LiveISO

Mathias Püstow mathias.puestow at gmx.net
Sun Jan 20 18:18:42 CET 2013

Dear Karsten,

thanks for your answers.

On Jan 20, 2013, at 15:12 , Karsten wrote:
>Dear Mathias,
>On Jan 20, 2013, at 13:09 , Mathias wrote:
>> Hello,
>> did I understand it correctly that capturing of data for GSMmap with the
LiveISO is only possible after entering the TMSI?
>The TMSI is not technically required but acts as a legal shield from
recording other people's traffic. If you know your legislations rules on
recording public, encrypted traffic and feel comfortable >skipping the TMSI
check, then it can easily be commented out from the bash script. Definitely
check with a lawyer before doing so.
>> How do I find my own TMSI?
>> Please kindly provide a step by step description on how to find my own
>Finding the TMSI is not possible on every phone model. Blackberries show it
in the 'Engineering screen'; Android has apps that show radio information.

For GSMmap LiveISO I am using the Motorola C123.
Is there a way to find the TMSI with the OSMOCOM firmware or Motorola's
firmware with the C123?>

A second question:
Would the same TMSI remain valid and be used, if I use my SIM card with a
Blackberry, note the TMSI, switch off the Blackberry and then use the same
SIM card with the C123?
>    -Karsten
Best Regards,


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