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Дмитрий Полпуденко dimapl24 at mail.ru
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Three days ago I stumbled upon great work that osmocom and srlabs are doing to improve security of GSM networks. 
SIM vulnerabilities research, A5/1 Kc decoding, Ki programmable phone and many other  great project done and being done by you absolutely blew my mind.
I'm so much impressed by the work you are doing and I wish I could contribute to it in different ways.
I bought already Motorola C118 and ordered serial USB cable from sysmocom.de.
I've been for almost 16 years in the mobile communication society.
I'm from Russia and quite familiar with mobile networks in it. Every major operator's network consist of up to seven major branches spanning from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, with not uniformly distributed NSS parameters' settings which imply totally different network exposure to vulnerabilities in different parts of the country in different operators. Would it be possible to subdivide the territory of Russian Federation into North-West, Moscow and Moscow Region, Caucasus, Volga region, Urals, Siberia, Far East and check network vulnerabilities in them separatelly? From my point of view having one measure for the whole country quite misleading and stops from starting improving the situation due to lack of focus.
I'm going to become gladly a contributor to the project as soon as my equipment arrives and keep reporting from North-West part of the country. Hopefully I'll get my former colleagues onboard ( I'm not with the operator anymore ) to provide gsmmap with relevant report from all regions of the country.

Best Regards,


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