[Gsmmap] New countries; updated metric

Karsten Nohl nohl at srlabs.de
Fri Apr 25 21:16:45 CEST 2014

Dear list,

Thanks a lot for your data contributions to GSMmap! Since 30C3, we were able to add seven new countries and update 22 others to reflect their current protection situation. (For a few other countries, we received too few submission to run the analysis. Please keep contributing :) ).

The country reports are updated once a month to keep you informed about developments in your country. In addition, we sometimes update the metric to reflect new insights and developments.

The most recent metric change (v2.3 -> 2.4) reflects the new reality that A5/3 is becoming available in most phones. Previously, a network could at max achieve 50% of its protection score through A5/3; the other half was awarded for good A5/1 configuration. In v2.4, a network can get more than 50% for A5/3 if that is in fact the reality in the network.

Look to Norway for an example: All networks there implement A5/3 (thanks!), but some appear to have a more modern (=A5/3-supporting) user base.



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