[Gsmmap] Contributing to support HTC ONE

Dirk Jäckel gsmmap at dirk.jaeckel.name
Tue Jan 7 18:04:26 CET 2014

SecUpwN wrote:
> Dear Developers,
> If you think "What the heck is this guy asking - his phone is not supported", you're right! And that's where I'd like to step in. How can I help you support more phones? Some other tests I can do or logs to collect? I'm currently on the latest and greatest AOKP 4.4.2, my provider is a german one. And since security doesn't seem to be written in bold letters over here, I just love your project. So, hit me with your ideas!


Thanks for your enthusiasm!

I am one of the authors of the app. To support more phones we would need
to be able to access the kind of baseband logging that Samsung phones
allow us to access.

The app works roughly as follows: We connect to the Samsung rild and
tell it to dump baseband logs. Then we copy and compress those files and
send them to the gsmmap server.

AFAIK this is only possible on certain Samsung phones. You can check by
using the shortcode *#9900# on your phone. If you get an App that let's
you enable logging and dump files, we might be able to retrieve those files.

If you know a way to access the baseband logs from an app (with root) on
an HTC phone, we might be able to support this phone.


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