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Hi Mathias,

the problems with the failing incoming SMS I also face from time to time. But this is usually only temporary. After another attempt some time later most often it is then working. As I don't know the real root cause I sometimes also do a restart of the device.

The Incoming Call problems I had only in the very beginning after setting up the App the very first time. At this time I had some call forwardings configured that redirected the incoming calls to my voice box. After disabling all call forwardings I never had a problem with this one.

Btw: I also use a Samsung Galaxy S2

Best regards


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the gsmmap android app is running fine on my Samsung Galaxy S2.
Root access was created using framaroot.
The gsmmap app makes outgoing calls and sends SMS.
At the same time new logs are created and it is possible to upload the logs to the gsmmap server.

For some reason there are no incoming calls and no incoming sms.
The test steps regarding incoming calls and SMS just run into a timeout.
What could be the reason?
I read that you would blacklist phone numbers that have accepted incoming calls in the past.
Did I do that?
The phone is connected in Germany to the O2 network.

This behaviour is experienced with the latest version of the gsmmap app from the playstore.

Best Regards,

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