[Gsmmap] no incomming calls

Linus Neumann linus at srlabs.de
Mon Mar 10 12:14:22 CET 2014

Dear all,

> the problems with the failing incoming SMS I also face from time to time. But this is usually only temporary.

This is likely to occur when you reach our rate limit (outgoing SMS do indeed incur charges on us).
Our latest update features a „continuous testing“ option, which we recommend in situations when you’re moving, e.g. on a train or highway.
If you plan to contribute regularly, or to use this new option with smaller than default intervals, please just drop me a short email with your test phone MSISDN.
I will be happy to whitelist you, so rate limits do not apply to you any more.

> At this time I had some call forwardings configured that redirected the incoming calls to my voice box.

Call forwarding to the voice box is indeed the most common error source, and will likely get you blacklisted for good.
If you suspect this may have happened to you, please just drop me a short email.

Of course, I am also interested in any other problem you are experiencing.

Thanks for your support of this project!

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