[Gsmmap] Authentication timeouts

Luca Melette luca at srlabs.de
Tue May 20 07:27:41 CEST 2014

Dear Markus,

Thanks for your interest in this topic.

As you report, this is not in the standard but it's what we measured
on the field, so the text will be changed.

What happens in some cases is that after 12s from the first
authentication request message another one with equal parameters is
issued. This leads to a total of 24s before the channel is released.

I did personally these measurements some time ago and just in some
countries I could reach.
No tool is yet released for this test, but it's very easy to create
one by yourself if you look at gsm48_mm_tx_auth_rsp() in gsm48_mm.c.
Just insert a "return 0" to avoid the mobile application to send the
AUTH RESP message at all and look into Wireshark for how long the
channel was kept active.

I will try to code a separate tool for this in the next gsmmap release.



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