[Gsmmap] Encryption Standards in Ghana

Luca Melette luca at srlabs.de
Tue Apr 7 11:35:44 CEST 2015

Hi Kpetermeni,

> I am running the GSM Map app on my Android phone in Ghana but it looks
> like it will take some time to get enough information to gsmmap.org to
> generate a country report like the ones on South Africa and Kenya.

I see some empty files from a HTC mobile, probably not compatible with 
the App. I would like to debug the issue, can you send me your AppID in 
a private email?
When (roughly) did you run the tests?

> Does anyone know whether the mobile networks implement A5/1, A5/2, or
> A5/3 encryption? Or are they all unencrypted (A5/0)?

I have no answer yet, we never received any valid submission from Ghana.

Anyway, thanks for your interest in our project, I hope to see Ghana on 
the map soon!



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