[Gsmmap] SnoopSnitch: Location recording and battery usage

Ralf Jung post at ralfj.de
Fri Aug 21 19:07:23 CEST 2015

Dear SnoopSnitch team,

whenever I am running SnoopSnitch with "Record network location"
enabled, I am experiencing significant battery usage by the location
provider. (It ends up using more battery than the screen, which really
shouldn't happen...)
Once I disable this option in SnoopSnitch, battery usage goes back to
normal. This is surprising to me, because the documentation of that
option indicates that the location will only be recorded if there is an
event detected. There hasn't been any event detected so far (at least,
nothing got reported to me), so I would expect SnoopSnitch to not even
attempt to record my location. Could it be that SnoopSnitch is tracking
the location continuously, even when there is no event detected? Or will
there be some other reason for the behavior I am experiencing?

Thanks a lot for working on this App!

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