[Gsmmap] Log data volume indicaton?

Alex Senier alex at srlabs.de
Tue Mar 3 11:03:50 CET 2015

Hi Oliver,

thank you for your feedback! Your scenario makes perfect sense and we
are aware of (and even have a ticket on) that shortcoming of the app.
However, other projects take precedence on our side and we will not able
to implement this kind of enhancements in SnoopSnitch anytime soon. The
app is open source and I'd be happy to see other people contributing. Of
cause we're available to answer questions.


On 02/03/15 15:13, oliver.ast at telekom.de wrote:
> in the old version of the tool (GSMMap) there was an indication at the
> bottom of the screen how many logs have been captured and stored on the
> device (or more precise the log size) and there was also a clear
> progress indication during the upload of the log files to the server. I
> usually take traces while I’m on travel and upload the results when I’m
> back home or in WiFi coverage.
> Would it be possible to implement something similar again also in
> SnoopSnitch as I really prefer having visibility on the captured log
> volume and also the current status on ongoing or outstanding upload
> activities?

Security Research Labs

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