[Gsmmap] SnoopSnitch: could not init diag IF

Ralf G. R. Bergs Ralf+SRLabs at bergs.biz
Sat Mar 21 19:14:04 CET 2015

Hi guys.

SnoopSnitch used to "work" (AFAICT) on my HTC Desire S/"Saga" running
CM12. On 2015-01-23 I installed it (so it was probably version 0.9.3).
It did not complain then that it's incompatible, but seemed to work fine
(i. e. made test and received test calls and sent/received test SMS).

Now in a more recent build of CM12 for my Saga it doesn't work anymore,
/dev/diag is still present, but that might be a left-over from a
previous CM12 build (I dirty-flashed two times now).

SnoopSnitch 0.9.5 complains as follows:

    Your device is not compatible. REASON: Could not initialize DIAG

To make sure that it is not a degradation (or even "improvement") of
SnoopSnitch I installed 0.9.3 which presumably is the version I tried
back then, but to no avail. The error message remains the same.

How can I definitely check whether the QualComm diag driver/interface is
included in my kernel? Just by looking into the source? Or any other
way? /proc?



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