[Gsmmap] Network Info not updating

Alex Senier alex at srlabs.de
Mon Mar 30 21:59:46 CEST 2015

Hi Daniel,

On 27/03/15 18:02, Daniel F wrote:
> As other people have mentioned, the latest version (certainly the latest
> from Play Store) seems to flag up far more IMSI Capture events than it
> ever did before -I'm curious if the app has any way of detecting
> femtocells, as I believe these might be causing spurious results (though
> I don't have any in my control to test with).

As I don't have access to a femtocell either I couldn't test SnoopSnitch
in such a setup. There is indeed some potential for false positives,
e.g. when femtocells reject "foreign" mobiles or announce unexpected
neighbors. If anybody has sample data for a femtocell, I'd be happy
about an upload.

> The other thing I have noticed is that the "Network Info" screen seems
> very reluctant to update.
> I checked it whilst in a phone call and even though I've quit the app
> and opened it back up, I don't seem to be able to do anything to get
> this screen to update -it's now displaying 30minute old data, which is
> slightly annoying. Any advice or could I request a refresh button?

I also see that behavior from time to time. I does not look like a UI
issue (i.e. the refresh button would not help), but rather like a
problem in the back-end. We need to look into that. Out of curiosity:
Which device are you using?

> I've also noticed under the Cipher field that with the phone forced into
> GSM mode it only ever seems to display A5/0 or A5/1 and I've tried it
> with multiple operators SIM cards. Could there be a bug
> detecting/displaying this, or is it just that UK mobile operators have
> shockingly bad security (I would have expected to see A5/3 in use).

Sounds like an issue we observed in 0.9.5 where encryption was not
always detected correctly. This will be fixed in the next release.


SnoopSnitch maintainer

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