[Gsmmap] snoopsnitch interfacing with a USB dongle device ?

Luca Melette luca at srlabs.de
Fri Oct 9 12:36:17 CEST 2015

Dear Mm,

> I would be interested in using snoopsnitch with a smaller, more
> portable device connected to a laptop, rather than connecting a full
> phone.

In my opinion a smartphone is generally smaller that a laptop, that's
why we made the effort to give people a tool that can be carried around
without extra cable and device like it was with the Osmocom based
Catcher-Catcher or the GSMmap software.
But I see your point, you don't what a portable device, just use a usb
modem that you already have.
> Are there any USB dongle modems that have the necessary chipset that
> snoopsnitch could interface with ?

SnoopSnitch itself cannot easily run on a pc because it's an Android
What you can do is compile the metagsm (library and tools) on your pc
and try to add some code to directly interface with the debug tty of
your modem.
The tricky part is extracting from the java part the initialization
sequence that you have to send to the tty device before reading from it.
Many usb sticks use qualcomm chipset and offer the debug interface.
I can suggest the "option icon 225" or the "alcatel one touch l100v".



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