[Gsmmap] Questions about possible log messages from mobile network events.

Luca Melette luca at srlabs.de
Wed Oct 28 12:42:16 CET 2015

Hi Junguk,

I can see service requests (LTE RRC) using the latest SnoopSnitch
version. The UE release is never shown as you say.
I can check if there is a way to get that message too, and
apply the patch in the next release of SnoopSnitch.



> Hi.
> Currently, I used snoopsnitch to get radio log message.
> I can see first attachment event from log, but I cannot see logs from
> UEContext Release and "SERVICE REQUEST" events. Basically, these
> events happen when UE releases radio connection due to idle state.
> Can we get log from these events?
> Thanks,
> Junguk

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