[Gsmmap] SnoopSnitch no longer works after ROM Upgrade

Guillaume Ballet gballet at laposte.net
Sat Oct 10 14:10:37 CEST 2015

Hi list, 
I confirm that ss doesn't work on i9505 with Android 4.4.2. /dev/diag does exist but ss get no data on it (perm. issue?) 

Le 7 octobre 2015 22:02:50 CEST, Michael Gerdau <mgd at qata.de> a écrit :
>Hi list,
>I had been happily using SnoopSnitch on my Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE
>ever since Verision 0.9.0 (or 0.9.1) on a "normal" 4.3 Andriod OS.
>This morning I finally flashed the newest Samsung/T-Mobile 5.0.1
>Android (PDA:OF2 / PHONE:OF2 / CSC:OF2 (DTM)) and I now get the msg
>"device /dev/diag" does not exist"
>Is there a way (other than going back to 4.3) to get SnoopSnitch
>working again ?
>Kind regards,
> Michael Gerdau       email: mgd at qata.de
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