[Gsmmap] Snoopsnitch and LTE

Diskutant interessantediskussionen at posteo.de
Fri Jun 24 01:39:56 CEST 2016


the Wiki says, SnoopSnitch is not yet prepared for LTE. But as I
understand, you might still use it with LTE.

Thus, when using SS with LTE, does SS show correct data with LTE?

Tonight SS network info showed EEA/0 encryption was used, I wondered why
SS did not initiate any alarm message. Disabled encryption shouldn´t be
a normal working mode.

Then I initiated a test run and after the test run SS network info
showed A5/3 encryption.

Even better, during the test run, network mode changed from LTE to EDGE
and back, after the test run it stick with LTE. Or does SS go down one
gear to 3G automagically!?

Though I have to admit, I use German Congstar provider, that does not
officially support LTE, but actually LTE works *sometimes*. The weird
LTE behaviour may be due to using this service provider.

So, when enabled LTE, can I rely on the network information SS provides?
The disabled EEA/0 encryption was really a bit weird to me. I wondered,
why SS did not give any alarm.

I don´t expect to be subject to surveillance, I´m just interested in
this LTE behaviour.


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