[Gsmmap] Trouble triggering snoopsnitch

Joshua Brindle brindle at quarksecurity.com
Thu Nov 17 02:53:10 CET 2016


I am attempting to trigger an alert on Snoopsnitch 1.0.1. It is running 
on a Nexus 5 running CM and seems to be working (runs analysis, can run 
active test).

The phone is running with a valid SIM card and connects to its normal 
network fine.

I an running OpenBTS-UMTS into a Ramsey box. I put the phone in the box 
and run OpenBTS and when the phone tries to connect I see the IMSI when 
the authentication fails (so I successfully caught the IMSI) but nothing 
in Snoopsnitch ever triggers.

Is this expected to trigger it? If not, why not? Is there a more 
efficient way to show it working?

Thank you.

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