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EmiGen emigenix at gmail.com
Sun Apr 16 13:00:49 CEST 2017

Dear SRLabs and loyal SnoopSnitch users/developers,

It is with great pleasure I present you the long promised update from
SnoopSnitch (1.0.1, December 2015). There have been huge amounts of
changes since, the biggest one being in the development IDE, where we
have migrated from using the outdated and obnoxious Ant builds to using
the modern and fully integrated Gradle with Android Studio. But that's
mostly invisible from a non-developer view. For the user these changes
mean much more.

Since I am not affiliated with SRLabs, the updated SnoopSnitch had to
change name and application-id in order to be available on Google Play.
It is now known as "SnoopSnitch xLite" and its internal application path
is "zz.snsn.xlite". The build-version numbers for xLite will always
start with "2.x.x", while I have been informed that the original
SnoopSnitch development branch will maintain the "1.x.x" model.

However, the most important aspect of this update and branch is that it
is now also compatible with the new AOS permission model and the new
Qualcomm baseband firmware changes that prevented the app getting diag
data on Kernels above 3.10+.

A very short summary of improvements and bug fixes.

- AOS 6.0+ native compatibility
- AOS 6.0+ permissions and storage compatible
- Kernel 3.10+ diag_helper baseband compatible
- Updated vulnerable openSSL library to latest "LTS"
- Alarm and vibration on event detection
- Alarm and vibration on lost baseband
- Improved settings menu layout and descriptions
- Improved Detailed Test descriptions and explnantion
- Graceful Airplane Mode handling
- Updated "About" items with phone OS/baseband details
- Updated "_debug_" items with phone OS/baseband details
- Many text adjustments: clarifications, grammatics, spelling, additions
- Improved logcat and several other logs by using consistent TAGs that
  can be easily grep'ed from command line.
- Saving of PCAP traces to internal or external SDcard
- fixed app Crash on 'Network' button
- improved support for low-resolution phones
- LTE is now shown and partially supported in UI
- Allow multiple runs
- Improved UI performance
- App prevents itself from getting installed/run on Non Qualcomm devices
- Minimum required API level is now set to 18 (AOS JB 4.3)

I have probably missed many more changes, but these are the most
essential ones. Apart from that, xLite still use the same SRLabs
provided encryption certificates (that I don't have) for uploading logs
to SRLabs servers, and all detection methods and parameters are exactly
the same as previously. This include the test calls to and from SRLabs
servers. It also include the same banning criteria. (If you're banned on
the original app, you will continue to be banned on xLite.)

In any case, there are many more bug fixes and improvements needed, so I
plead to the Developer and Security community to continue help
supporting the development for this important app. In order to simplify
participation and involvement, the xLite development branch will now be
done purely from our GitHub project repository:


All instructions for compiling and installing the app will be available
there. There will be detailed app related Wiki pages and all bugs will
be filed and processed in the Issue tracker. However, for inquiries
about the technical aspects and detections, we advise you to continue
using and consult the original SRLabs Wiki, FAQ pages and this email list.

This app is now available on Google Play as "SnoopSnitch xLite":

There it will be available for FREE for a limited time starting from 14
April to 21 April. After that it will be available for a small fee that
is meant to provide a small incentive for the otherwise non-paid-for
development effort and continued active support. Please understand it as
a form of donation. If you feel that you do not agree with that, you can
always clone and compile the app for yourself for free. Same app and
same functionality with the beauty of FOSS. That being said, we will not
provide pre-built APK's on GitHub at this time, unless you are a
contributing developer.

Thank you for your interest in SnoopSnitch. Your testing and
participation is very important to our community, to help
improve worldwide network privacy and security.

Best Regards,

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