[Gsmmap] localize user with hidden SMS really possible

Luca Melette luca at srlabs.de
Thu Nov 30 08:10:39 CET 2017

Dear Joe,

The official use:

Silent SMS do not trigger any special reply from your phone.
They simply add one more record in your call logs, containing the cell tower information.
Only authorities should be able to see those logs.

The unofficial use:

An attacker can send a bunch of those SMS at regular intervals and try to catch them by sniffing radio waves.
This can narrow the search and confirm your presence near a cell tower.

We try to identify both cases and make you aware that something suspicious is happening.



> Hello forum,
> I heard that senders of hidden SMS, are able to localize me with the
> help of the SMS confirmation. 
> Does the confirmation really contain the number of the cell phone
> tower? And how do they correlate this number with the real position of
> the cp tower?
> Thank's a lot!
> Joe

Luca Melette,  Security Research Labs
luca at srlabs.de,  +49.176.8197.0551

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