[Gsmmap] Active test question

Luca Melette luca at srlabs.de
Thu Nov 30 08:19:10 CET 2017

Dear John,

The only issue I see is the voicemail answering even if you don't want it.
The length of our ringing time is to allow remote places on Earth to receive that call.
I believe I don't have a solution for you now, but I can see if the caller service can be adjusted to detect voicemail replies.
Another possibility would be to call a non existing number and do not receive calls, this would be easier to add.



> Hello,
> I am a net10 subscriber with an AT&T sim.  To my surprise there are several things that I cannot do because net10 is a reseller of AT&T.
> I cannot change the caller ID name tagged to my number.
> I cannot lengthen the amount of rings before the call is transferred to voicemail.
> I cannot disable voicemail.
> Those restrictions prevents me from performing an active test.  Is there any way that an "Active Test - Lite" mode could be created?  I understand that it is to avoid unnecessary costs so perhaps the lite mode doesn't do outbound testing at all.  Or, it only sends an SMS test and doesn't actually perform the outbound call.
> Thoughts?
> John

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