[Gsmmap] how to change the query of some views of snoopsnitch scores

Seyed Mostafa Farmanbar mostafa.farmanbar at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 08:28:57 CET 2018


I am trying to trigger A4 parameter of snoopsnitch with openbts software. I
am configuring the openbts for this but no alarm is produced for A4. I
check the cell_info table. I find ‘rat’ field is null. Although the ‘rat’
field in session-info table isn’t null and have true value. Then I check
the cell-info.c code. I see that c->rat isn’t assigned in this code. There
are two questions here. 1) Why ‘rat’ in cell-info table is null? And where
it is going to be set. 2) I want to change the query of some views like A4
in the catcher_anlysis.sql. Is something else necessary to do to have the
changes or changing the catcher_anlysis.sql file and Rebuild the apk with
android studio is enough?

I am not sure that re-compile C Codes and generate new so files is

Thank in advance
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