[Gsmmap] android patch level analysis of LOS for microG

Karsten Nohl nohl at srlabs.de
Tue Feb 5 07:07:36 CET 2019

Dear Joe,

We assume that all patches post the claimed patch date are missing. (Confirmed by ‘After claimed patchlevel: 0’).

The 78 patches are up until 2018-07-05, but not beyond.

Hope this helps.


On 31 January 2019, at 22:48, josefh.maier at hushmail.com<mailto:josefh.maier at hushmail.com> wrote:

Hello list

the result of android patch level analysis, of a 5 month old LineageOS for migroG 14.1 still fully patched is:

78 (green)
Claimed Patch level:    2018-07-05
Patched:        78
Patch missing;        0
After claimed patchlevel: 0
Not affected:        0

Is it possible that such an old LOS is still fully patched?

Thank's a lot!

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